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Welcome to Real ITSM

Idealised models such as ITIL®, COBIT and ISO20000 are all very well for theoretical discussions, but more and more people are discovering these models just don't fit the way we do things in the real world.

Join the movement that is sweeping the ITSM community. Find out about Real ITSM, as it is done in the real world.

Making IT Real. Get Real.

Real ITSM is a satire created by The IT Skeptic.

Read more about Real ITSM here (and see some samples from the book).

The official Introduction to Real ITSM- the book

The official Introduction to Real ITSM introduces Realitsm to the world! Now on Kindle!!!
Making IT Real. Get Real.

Jedi Problem Management

The Real ITSM Institute (RITSI) is all for anything that allows pre-emptive problem management. Since the probability of technology ever doing this is near zero, we have researched a number of alternatives for you, including astrology, tea leaves, and goats' bowels. In the end we settled on the most likely option for ever pre-emptively detecting problems: Jedi Problem Management.

We first found reference to this advanced discipline on Twitter:

Real third party root cause

Over on the IT Skeptic website, the ITIL Wizard provides the best advice that you can find for free on the internet. Recently he was asked this question:

Dear ITIL Wizard,

A new member of the RITSI

The BapITSM™ Board of the RITSI™ have decided in closed session (of course) to elevate Bob Grinsell to full Member of the RITSI. This could have been in recognition of the fact that Bob was our first registered EgoITSM™ practitioner, RIPOff #1, or his long service to Real ITSM over the years, but it is in fact because of this superlative post on the LinkedIn Real ITSM group:

I want to be a RealITSM Rock Star

Just the thing for Christmas

bookWhat to give IT colleagues and friends this Christmas? The Introduction to Real ITSM book is perfect: funny, thought-provoking and short... and reasonably priced.

Introduction to Real ITSM is now available on Kindle

You asked and ... eventually ... we delivered. CultITSM is pleased to announce the release of the popular Introduction to Real ITSM on Kindle. Yes folks, Introduction to Real ITSM is now available on the Amazon Kindle reading book device thingy. For all you tragic geeks with one of these new-fangled gizmos: you're welcome! Enjoy!

P.S. Yes I own one.

Home on the IT Range

A transcript of a recent performance by the famous and fragrant folk music performer Rambling Kid Realitsm, of his popular number "Home on the Range":

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, saddle-down down in your seats now and share with me this sad ditty about a broken-hearted compu-geek, lost in the bowels of an office building, chilled to the bone amongst cheerless racks of servers, locked into the server room. He pines for the open range of his home WAN with a LAN in every room and wireless to the skies, where he can run barefoot through the root passwords and administrator privileges, free to trash and crash and rebuild on his lordly whim, king of his domains. Oppressed by evil managers who cut down his privileges and block his passwords, he weeps at the pain their soulless quest for reliability brings upon him, and slumped behind the storage array he sings this sad lament....

Real ITSM's Service Cataract - an essential tool for managing your service portfolio

One of the most important documents in terms of defining the relationship between IT and its customers is the Service Cataract. This lists the available services in terms of their dependencies. The more dependencies there are for a service, the more that a customer will need to put in place first before the service is available.

Real ITSM now available in Russian

The official Introduction to Real ITSM is now available translated into Russian. No we aren't being funny - we couldn't have made this one up. Cleverics, one of Russia's leading IT management consultancies, has translated the book for the convenience and enjoyment of their Russian clients, associates and friends. We are in possession of a printed copy of the book - it is Real.

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