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A new member of the RITSI

The BapITSM™ Board of the RITSI™ have decided in closed session (of course) to elevate Bob Grinsell to full Member of the RITSI. This could have been in recognition of the fact that Bob was our first registered EgoITSM™ practitioner, RIPOff #1, or his long service to Real ITSM over the years, but it is in fact because of this superlative post on the LinkedIn Real ITSM group:

I want to be a RealITSM Rock Star

I have seen several people describe themselves as an xxx Rock Star, as in a LinkedIN Rock Star or a Lean Rock Star. Apparently they do this in all seriousness, and without irony, which just makes it all the more amusing. Since no one else has claimed it, I now declare myself to be the RealITSM Rock Star.

Applications are now being taken for RealITSM Folk Singer, RealITSM Adult Contemporary and RealITSM Acoustic Alternative. Apply directly to RITSI for approval. Or print up an official looking certification and velcro it to your cube wall.

Nice work Bob.


Honored, Humbled and yet way Proud

I am thrilled with this honor and know that I now walk among giants. If I ever actually create a blog and post an entry, I'm sure my follower will be impressed.

I will remember this day as long as I can.
Best Regards,
Bob Grinsell

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