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RATS means self-assessment

This is cool! Assess your organisation (or client) against Real ITSM, just like in the book. And it is free. Not many things are for free in Real ITSM!

Here is an example.

The tool produces a Reckoning. The Real ITSM metric it produces is RATS: The Real Assessment Total Self-assessed. As the book says: "if auditors or management ask about the status of Real ITSM in your organisation, you can give a RATS".

You can go two ways here. You can assess a site against Real ITSM and never publish the result and just use the RATS for your own purposes.

Or you can create an assessment and ask us publish it so others can share the fun. They can add their own reviews. Try doing a joint effort.

Once you are done you can print the results (look for the "print report" links).

If you are not sure what some of the assessment Axes mean, you'll just have to RTFM*. On that subject, a small warning: I think doing an assessment before you read the book will reduce the fun of reading the book somewhat by giving away a few gags. Read the book first.

Coming soon(ish) (in the next release, Really):

  1. Downloadable spreadsheet (warning: we are unlikely to ever do upload from spreadsheet - too hard)
  2. Improved styling (just need to tweek the CSS)
  3. Pretty radar charts so you can make Powerpoints and people will believe the results [not until we upgrade to Drupal 6, which MIGHT be in 2008. Sorry]
  4. Published statistics of the consolidated results by industry sector etc. (Assuming we ever get enough data for it to be meaningful: PLEASE put some data in - I'm busting to build a report called "RATS Stats")
  5. Voting and discussion on new Axes (you can vote on the existing ones now - try it!))
  6. Product compliance assessment - ooh yeah! I welcome suggestions for product assessment axes, then we'll put the axe into a few products eh?
  7. A Service Desk. Perhaps... [there isn't a good one for Drupal so we have to assemble it]

So on with it. Here's how. (Make sure you log in before you try to do stuff)

If you want to discuss anything, add a comment here. Or for help, just call. Really.

* RTFM = Read The Manual


Self assessment against the other stuff

For those who insist on pursuing intrusive and inconvenient frameworks such as ITIL or ISO20000, there is a nice commercial system available to self assess. But why would you when Real ITSM is so much cheaper and easier and less stressful?

Does "I don't give a rat's" translate?

In Australasia, "I don't give a rat's..." means "I don't care". Does that work for Europeans and Yanks?

Understanding RATS

Yup, we Yanks understand not giving a rat's... (See: Foreign Policy, Global, Opinion)

Best Regards,
Bob Grinsell
ITIL certified Visio wonk

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