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Real Complimentary Guidance

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External third-party books that say nice things about Real ITSM may apply to be accredited by RITSI’s DogmaITSM program as Real Complimentary Guidance.

For a small administrative fee they will be linked to from www.realitsm.com and mentioned endlessly in books and presentations.

The following guidance has already been certified as complimentary to Real ITSM:

An extract from the official Introduction to Real ITSM

Other complimentary guidance since the publication of the official introduction includes:

This page is part of a set of pages: "Welcome to Real ITSM"
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RealITSM at work

After reading this really exciting new way of ensuring a workable ITSM strategy is deployed in organisations, I have decided to put this to work.

After much deliberation and soul searching I have decided to evolve our ITSM strategy to take full cognizance of the factors currently keeping the management team awake and change direction to ensure that we are able, as an ITSM team, to work on increasing those fears and change it into nightmares where possible.

My current plan of execution is as follows:

1) Step 1 - Change the ITSM strategy to reflect the RealITSM unmantra of low cost, low impact, easy and quick implementation by minimising change, accountability and unreduced spending. This is currently in process and should be put forward and presented at our DA - Decision Authority or as we call them for short the Dumb A****
Expected Outcomes - Management accept these proposals as it has been written using a vast number of ITIL, ITSM and other IT specific acronyms and terms which are bound to negate the unobfuscation of the real drivers; which are to ensure that we eliminate threats from the IT environment which is contrary the best interests of all in IT
2) Step 2 - implement by introducing a number of training plans, conference attendance rosters, reference site visits, new programs, limited tweaking of existing processes and procedures which are aimed to ensure that in these financially taxing times, all ITSM personnel and their close colleagues in the other IT disciples are kept fully engaged and excluded from the RIP (Reduction in People) lists.
3) Revisit Step 1.

I will keep you posted as to the results of Step 1 and is available for consulting purposes if anybody should wish to implement some of these strategies or need assistance in obfuscating it past their DA-boards.

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