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What is Real ITSM?

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Real ITSM is a Body of Knowledge (BOK). This means Real ITSM collects together all the ideas, good and bad, new and old, as a compendium of knowledge for ITSM practitioners.

Real ITSM is a framework for implementation, which means it represents proven and generally accepted Real ITSM practices.

Real ITSM represents the leading edge in Real ITSM thinking, providing thought leadership to the industry and ensuring that it will remain fresh for years to come.

The fact that there is a fundamental contradiction between these three statements has not escaped us, but it doesn’t seem to trouble ITIL so we won’t let it distract us either.

These are early days for Real ITSM. What you hold is Real ITSM 1.0 but we are confident that Real ITSM will grow to be a BOK more hyped than ITIL, more rigorous than COBIT, more useful than MOF, more boring than PMBOK, and more misunderstood than CMMI.

Unlike all these other BOKs, Real ITSM does not represent best practice or good practice or generally accepted practice or even worst practice. Real ITSM represents Real Practice: ITSM as it is done in the real world .

An extract from the official Introduction to Real ITSM

This page is part of a set of pages: "Welcome to Real ITSM"
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