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Realitsm: the philosophy of Real ITSM

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Anyone who has experienced the contented tranquillity of a mature and stable IT organisation will long for such a work environment. Such a pleasant place to work is achievable with some commitment and the rigorous application of Real ITSM principles, known as Realitsm and pronounced ree-uh-litz-m, near enough to “realism” with a slight lisp.

The main threats to IT stability are change, accountability and reduced spending. Realitsm is about eliminating these threats from the IT environment, in the best interests of all in IT. A harmonious IT environment requires adherence to the following Realitsm principles:
• Ensure a stable operating environment
• Maximise adaptability to change
• Promote involvement through collectivist decision-making
• Maintain morale through reduced group accountability
• Maximise revenue and funding for the IT department
• Maximise benefit and value for the IT staff

An extract from the official Introduction to Real ITSM

This page is part of a set of pages: "Welcome to Real ITSM"
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The main threats to IT is IT Stupid Management (ITSM) - All of best practices of IT services management can be resumed in 1 simple word: SimplITSM - the art of science to make (goods) activity work the first time (recipe) in satisfaction of business demand (taste) regardless of context and environment (asset).

There are as many ITSM, ITL books as cooking recipes, all are intended to make the same dish but the taste is always unique. A **** dish is always made by a chefs without recipe but who as taste and asset in the making.

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