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Real ITSM model

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Real ITSM consists of

  • a Deathcycle which follows a service from misconception to abandonment
  • a set of Activities performed
  • related Roles to be put on wetware’s business cards and otherwise ignored
  • Metrics used to distort behaviours
  • Complimentary Guidance

Unlike ITIL, which uses the word “process” with a cavalier disregard for any generally accepted definition of the word, Real ITSM prefers to refer to “activities”. We do this partly because it is a better-suited word and partly to keep the OGC lawyers at bay. This does mean that the “four Ps” doesn’t work any more (People Processes Products Partners), so Real ITSM uses the alternate model of Wetware Activities Stuff and Parasites which is just as mnemonic.

Real ITSM activities are carried on in all Deathcycle phases independent of services. It is, like, just a model, you know. Real activities carry on regardless.

An extract from the official Introduction to Real ITSM

This page is part of a set of pages: "Welcome to Real ITSM"
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On the mark - well done

Having just passed the ITIL test, I see the need for the KMS to be renamed to SNNTK - Stuff Nobody Needs to Know - a separate silo of information for each IT staff member to maintain their job without others understanding.

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