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Real ITSM is represented by the Real IT Service Institute, or RITSI. The Institute is incorporated in London [London, Tanzania not London, England]. Membership is inclusive: open to all vendors, consultants, trainers, examiners and publishers without exception (unless we don’t like you).

The RITSI Board of Directors is elected by the RITSI Board of Directors. Nominations are open to anyone who hears about them. In order to serve its international constituency, the Board meets in resorts worldwide.

RITSI and its agents do derive revenues from Real ITSM, but this income is used solely to fund the cost of operations, the ongoing enhancement and promotion of Real Practice, and the financial viability of the supporting organisations.

An extract from the official Introduction to Real ITSM

RITSI operates a number of programs for the benefit of the Real ITSM community (the Real ITSM community is of course the vendors, consultants, trainers, examiners and publishers):

This page is part of a set of pages: "Welcome to Real ITSM"
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Off topic, but relevant

Many of us in the 'traditional' IT Management world are suffering from the current economic downturn. I, for example, have been out-of-work since July 2008 ( 9 months). I am out of ideas--looking for an unwarranted opinion. I hold BS in Business from an accredited college, a paper MCSE, PMP and ITILv2 Practioner credentials with 10 years of government contract work but no security clearance (screwed up by my last employer that laid me off instead of fixing it).

I'm desperate for a new path in IT. I'd like one where I could master an emerging, relevant skill. Suggestions? I'm about out of money and would prefer something faster rather than longer.

careers guidance

Ugh, my sister is the careers guidance councellor, not me. And I have to change mental gears to take your query seriously on this site, but I will.

I've been out of consulting work since about October last year and I'm all out of money, so I'm not sure you should be asking me. My next option is the rock-n-roll (dole, unemployment benefit) or stacking supermarket shelves. I envy you your certifications - you are better equipped for the job market than me.

My pick for emerging relevant skill? Cultural change: people change, ensuring change success, facilitating project outcomes etc etc. Or if you are more geek than people-person: virtualisation.

Two bits of advice: work your local networks to breaking point, and get professional advice.

Good luck brother/sister

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