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Real ITSM now available in Russian

The official Introduction to Real ITSM is now available translated into Russian. No we aren't being funny - we couldn't have made this one up. Cleverics, one of Russia's leading IT management consultancies, has translated the book for the convenience and enjoyment of their Russian clients, associates and friends. We are in possession of a printed copy of the book - it is Real. Sometimes truth is stranger than satire.

As a result, the only BAPITSM™members of the RITSI™ (the Real IT Service Institute) are from Cleverics, and the book Введение в реальный ITSM is accredited by RITSI’s DogmaITSM program as Real Complimentary Guidance. We told you we look after our mates.

Buy Introduction to Real ITSM in Russian here

And here is the link to the comprehensive book description in Russian, or so we're told.

The book was launched on April 1st in Moscow (an appropriate date and no this isn't an April Fool). I sent them a message of congratulation:

(My wife doubles up in laughter every time she shes this - sound not required)

and then part 2...

Thanks again to Oleg and Roman for all their hard work. It is a buzz to have a work available in Russian!



I've got to say that I love the book to start with, and having at least part of it translated into Russian is great - now I've just got to dust of my Russian to see whether I can actually read it...

Any chance of getting it translated into Latin? :-)


Given the way the world is moving, I'd say Mandarin is the next priority.

or given the levels of activity in the forums etc, perhaps Hindi.

That would cover the world's top three epicentres of IP piracy. What am I thinking?

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