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The official Introduction to Real ITSM- the book

The official Introduction to Real ITSM introduces Realitsm to the world! Now on Kindle!!!
Making IT Real. Get Real.

It is not often that ITSM books are funny, but - according to readers - this one is funny.

Real ITSM bookThis book is not about ITIL®. Really. Real ITSM is a tongue-in-cheek satirical look at what the real-life processes of IT Service Management might be, as compared to the “official” defined processes published in the authorised books of frameworks like ITIL. Find out what the Service Desk are really up to.

The Introduction to Real ITSM is not all lampooning the status quo in IT. It also promotes a number of alternate ideas to stimulate discussion.

This book is a useful new tool for introducing, teaching, workshopping or discussing ITSM in general or ITIL in particular.

It also makes a great gift to an ITSM geek (there are not many things where you can say that of them).

And it is readable by anyone who deals with IT: i.e. it is not just for those who do IT but also those who have IT done to them.

Want to see more before you buy?
There is a fifteen-page extract from the book here or you can read extracts on Amazon. In addition, you can find numerous extracts on this site, especially starting here as well as all the links down the lefthand side.

You can buy the book on Amazon

or other Amazons, e.g. .uk, .de, .jp

Or you can buy direct from my alternate publisher Lulu who may have lower shipping rates to some countries - please compare (they ship from UK, Spain and Australia as well as USA). Note I get twice as much commission from Lulu than from Amazon and you can buy all the IT Skeptic's books here.

Now on Kindle!!!

Ask about bulk purchases of 20 or more for training, conferences or promotions.

Buy Introduction to Real ITSM in Russian here (no really). And here is the link to the comprehensive book description in Russian, or so we're told.

What readers are saying:

"The IT Skeptic is the Bill Bryson of Service Management... I swear I haven’t laughed this much reading a book since Confederacy of Dunces (You know the laughing out loud in airport lounges and people looking at you like you are a nut)... If you are looking for a good gift to give to any of your professional associates this Christmas I definitely recommend this book"
John M Willis.

"Falling somewhere between Scott Adams and John Cleese, it was great fun to read. I think it can serve a valuable purpose beyond stress relief as the null hypotheses for best practice"
Mike Walter

"We've just got the book by Rob England, 'Introduction to Real ITSM'.
It's amazing! We are reading it laughing out loud :)"
Oleg Skrynnik

"Rob England, the IT Skeptic, sent me a copy of his very hilarious and quite skeptical book, "Introduction to Real ITSM." It is a brilliant parody that exposes how convoluted service management methodologies and their related organizations have become. Enter the enchanted world of deathcycles, "wetware" (that would be you), and the Wright Cycle (guess-do-crash-fix). Even the footnotes are funny. However, much like dirty jokes written by contractors on the wall just before they are covered up by cabinets, there is some cryptic graffiti underneath the scarred and stained veneer of this book that offers some pragmatic wisdom if you think hard enough about it. I strongly advise against that though — just enjoy it, even if now and then you feel a bit of a sting. You will come out the other side a more grounded practitioner."
Terry Doerscher

"My copy arrived this morning. I haven't stopped laughing yet ;-)"
James Finister

"[My wife] read the introduction and said it was the first IT book that held her interest past page two"
Change Manager, postal service

"I experienced numerous moments of amusement, humor and outright hilarity, which made reading this book at my desk during work hours a bit difficult."
Bob Grinsell

"This book is really funny while on the other hand also very sad because for many of the funny things the author describes it is just too sad that they are reality. Anyway, I can fully recommend this book to anyone dealing with ITSM! It's fun and it will open your eyes in a humorous and sarcastic way." Thomas Baier

"Great book. You will laugh aloud" Raul Cristian Aguirre

"Entre sus páginas encontraremos momentos especialmente hilarantes, guiños a lo que todos hemos vivido en algún que otro momento y, si leemos entre líneas, verdades interesantes de asumir como prácticas recomendadas"
Antonio Valle Salas.

"This book fills a much-needed gap."
- Moses Hadas (1900-1966)


This book is Great!

As I do with all industry books, I quickly scanned it from the back to the front, stopping at random either to read something, or to look at a particularily interesting chart that caught my attention (oooo, arrows, boxes, spirals!). Using this scientific sampling approach, I experienced numerous moments of amusement, humor and outright hilarity, which made reading this book at my desk during work hours a bit difficult.

But what I have scanned is excellent, and I intend to scan it in even greater detail during downtime, such as while participating in webinars.

I highly recommend this book (I'd even recommend you purchase it (or get your Funding manager to purchase it (or hide it under training materials on an expense report (or find it on eBay))))!

Bob Grinsell
ITIL Practitioner and Visio flow chart wonk

Real ITSM video tutorials

First of all I must say that this book is the one book that is a must for a true ITSM professional's library!

I am sure you are aware of it, but there are already 12 video tutorials on how to practice Real ITSM. They are presented in a humorous style to make it easier for the Real ITSM professional to assimilate the key points.

They are available here:
Unfortunately the full tutorials can only be viewed if you are in the UK. Others, like myself, may need to resort to other sites (YouTube etc) to see some of the material.

other way to buy the book?

Was on Lulu to buy the book and putting in my credit card info when I saw in the page that Lulu saves my payment info. Not comfortable with that. Any other way to buy?

Out now on Amazon

As you can see on this site, the book is now available on Amazon

coming soon Amazon, B&N

Funny you should ask.

Sorry, Lulu is it right now. but coming soon Amazon, B&N etc etc

if you subscribe to the newsletter, I'll put the first edition out to announce it is available. And I promise to store your contact email :-D

this book.

Yoo friends,

I trying to get this book to malaysia so that i can review how funny aare this books.

on Amazon

Rob is the Bill Bryson of Service Management

This book is a hoot. Here is a review I did on my blog site...
The IT Skeptic is the Bill Bryson of Service Management

Funny you should say that...

Amazon UK does not seem to supply it so bought from Lulu


your Amazon UK URL results in a page saying it's not yet available from them? Anyway gave my card details to the lovely Lulu and hope that's all she spends it on.



still not available on amazon.co.uk yet

Sorry still not available on amazon.co.uk yet, hope it will be soon. Thanks for using Lulu! ...ahem... so to speak.

Actually Lulu gives me twice as much as Amazon, so I am always grateful when folks use Lulu :)

Lulu working well for overseas buyers?

I've had my moments with Lulu but it seems to be working well. Any feedback from buyers please?

All the IT Skeptic's books are at Two Hills Books on Lulu

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