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Reckoning tutorial

This Open Reckoning system takes reviews and adjusts and combines their scores based on user voting to come up with a final RATS Reckoning.
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Each Review is a set of scores (and comments) against Axes - one score for each Axis. "Axis" is just a nice generic word for "dimension" or "criterion" or "metric" or...
The type of Benchmark that the Review belongs to controls which Axes a Review has. Once again "Benchmark" is just a nice generic word for "set" or "subject" or "topic" or...
The Review applies to a thing being reviewed, the Reckonee. A Reckonee has one or more Benchmarks it can be reviewed against, which have one or more Reviews which are made up of several Axes. The Review scores for each Axis are combined with the public Rating for each Axis to give a RATS Reckoning for the Review. The Rating comes from your votes: the average vote moves the Rating over time (not suddenly). Then the Review reckonings for each Benchmark are combined to give a RATS Reckoning for the Benchmark. Finally the reckonings for all Reviews combine to give an overall RATS Reckoning for the Reckonee we are assessing. On this system the Reckonee type is "Assessment".
Step 1: Create a Reckonee. You can use the menu option "Create Content". Or click here:

Add a new Assessment
Add details of the Reckonee then click "Submit".
WARNING: we do endeavour to keep control over access to this data but we offer no guarantee whatsoever as to the privacy of the data. Therefore if privacy is a concern to you PLEASE identify what you are reviewing in a manner that others cannot identify it.
Step 2: Create a Review. Use the links provided on the Reckonee. Do not use the menu option "Create Content" to create a Review. There can be multiple Reviews of the one Benchmark type on each Reckonee. This allows multiple people to contribute towards the Reckoning.
Fill in the review. Add details of the Review: a score and a comment for each Axis. Then click "Submit". Each person can only create one review for each benchmark.
Step 3: Repeat step 2 until you have a review for all the Benchmarks you want on this Reckonee. If you want the world to be able to see your created content, ask the administrator to publish it.
Now the fun starts. Your scores on the Axes of the Reviews roll up to a RATS Reckoning for the Reckonee. You (and others) can vote for the Axes which will affect the RATS Reckonings. Click the link which says "Axes". It takes time for the voting to affect the Ratings which in turn affect the RATS Reckonings: there is a time lag (several days) and smoothing applied so that they do not vary wildly as voting goes up and down.
Here is a sample Assessment

If you are stuck please ask us

Reckoning is performed by the Open Reckoning Engine OReckon. OReckon is developed by the Raroa Coding Gnome of Two Hills. Made in New Zealand. Powered by Drupal.