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Announcing Real Lean Green SixSigma Cloud SaaS ITSM

The Real IT Service Institute (RITSI) is proud to announce the release of Real Lean Green SixSigma Cloud SaaS ITSM, or RLGSSCSSITSM for short(-ish).

RLGSSCSSITSM is a revolutionary innovation in the best practice process transformation of modern business-aligned ICT service delivery. This radical paradigm shift will maximise value on investment for first-past-the-post CIOs looking to create a culture of customer line-of-sight transparency. Going beyond all previous bodies of knowledge in an audacious leap towards framework sovereignty, this open collection of generally accepted functional equivalence is unparalleled in the history of modern computing. Putting the user first, the executive at the top, and the practitioner firmly wedged behind in support of centres of excellence, RLGSSCSSITSM is a new wave in service support level delivery management.

RLGSSCSSITSM may look at first sight similar to previous incarnations of Real ITSM but the underlying metamorphosis invoked by renaming it to RLGSSCSSITSM will we hope be deep and profound, impacting both the revenue and profitability of RITSI to new levels.

Read all about this exciting new standard* framework in the life-changing, mind-transformational book Introduction to Real ITSMRLGSSCSSITSM .

* RITSI has adopted the OGC's creative new approach to creating industry standards (or rather their creative resurrection of an approach that has fallen out of favour for several centuries). Real ITSM is a standard because we say it is.


Real Lean Green SixSigma Cloud SaaS Web 2 Social Media ITSM

Q (from Bob Grinsell): Will this exciting new framework which is also now an industry standard allow me to proactively empower forward thinking synergies to facilitate win-win scenarios across business-IT-customer channels?

A: Yes! We anticipate this collaborative Web 2.0 (Duh! We forgot to put Web 2 in the name!!!) social media (Double Duh!!!!) approach will facilitiate the cross-integration of siloed processiverses to deliver real-time synergies for all stakeholders of the value chain, possibly even the entire value network.

Improvement programs lower quality and staff morale - ITIL

Hi guys - I think your language has been previously used, or is perilously close to that in the ITIL Service Strategy book. Although you seemed to deliberately omit the "closed-loop feedback and learning system", "capturing the voice of the customer, their outcomes and value proposition", and "successful programs worsen business performance and decrease morale" comments.

Also note that your program may have some serious inbuilt fault lines. Again as ITIL Service Strategy warns us, "a process improvement program reduces the time staff have for existing service duties, causing a decrease in service quality - exactly the opposite of the intended program goals".

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