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Real ITSM adopted by British government as standard process framework for assessment of training, software and certification

In a surprise move today, the British government standards agency announced that going forward from this date all Information Technology Service Management assessments (of people, organisations or products) are to be based on Real ITSM instead of ITIL.

Now that the precedent has been set for a standard to be created by a single individual who is ex-vendor-sales, working from home without any public consultation (www.itskeptic.org/node/1387), the UKSA has followed OGC's lead but instead adopted Real ITSM. Since Real ITSM has the added advantage of originating from another hemisphere, it can be shown to be even more independent, non-aligned and totally devoid of any input from the marketplace it serves.

So effective April 1st 2009 the British government standard for ITSM is Real ITSM.

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