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Business And Professional ITSM, a Real ITSM program

Recently we looked at RITSI, the shadowy group who run Real ITSM. Now we look at some of the programs operated by RITSI for the benefit of the Real ITSM community (recall that "community" is used here inclusively to cover all vendors, analysts and consultants who share in the Real ITSM industry).

Today, we look at BapITSM.


Business And Professional ITSM is a registration program for Real ITSM practitioners. For a small fee, Real ITSM professionals can become full accredited members of the RITSI.

Membership is subject to review and approval of the Institute, and is restricted to only those who have paid the fee.

Ongoing accreditation is maintained by demonstrating experience in Real ITSM and a regular program of professional development, such as attending Real ITSM webcasts, courses and meetings.

From the book Introduction to Real ITSM

Note: Recently, there has been a bid by the North American chapter of RITSI to launch their own competing scheme known as Total ImmersITSM. We have sent Lou and Stan from our DespoITSM program over to sort them out. We hope to report a positive outcome for you soon, once the police search is called off.

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