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Who are these people who run Real ITSM?

1.8 Organisation

Real ITSM is represented by the Real IT Service Institute, or RITSI. The Institute is incorporated in London (London, Tanzania not London, England). Membership is inclusive: open to all vendors, consultants, trainers, examiners and publishers without exception (unless we don’t like you).

The RITSI Board of Directors is elected by the RITSI Board of Directors. Nominations are open to anyone who we tell. In order to serve its international constituency, the Board meets in resorts worldwide.

RITSI and its agents do derive revenues from Real ITSM, but this income is used solely to fund the cost of operations, the ongoing enhancement and promotion of Real Practice, and the financial viability of the various organisations.

RITSI operates a number of programs for the benefit of the Real ITSM community (The Real ITSM community is of course the vendors, consultants, trainers, examiners and publishers).

[We'll have more on these programs in a future post]

1.9 Real ITSM royalty

There is no governance in ITSM (though it creates some data for governors to use). There is no governance in IT (though it also creates data for its masters). Governance is performed by governors, who don’t work in IT (heck governors don’t work). So we have no need to discuss governance in Real ITSM, except for the issue of who governs the Real ITSM BOK community.

Now that “management” has come to mean anything that people do, and “governance” is used to mean what “management” was supposed to, this raises the small problem of what to call Real ITSM governance. So Real ITSM refers to reigning and sovereignty instead. [Note: there will be an issue when the King takes out the garbage, and managers are known as “gods”. What is next?]

Real ITSM has no ultimate ruler, per se. Real ITSM has the following royalty:
• RITSI Chairman of the Board (Rob England)
• RITSI CEO (Rob England)
• DogmaITSM Chief Architect (Rob England)
• PragmaITSM Chief Examiner (Rob England)
• FavorITSM Chief Assessor (Rob England)
• Webmaster (Rob England)
• Accreditation Agency (Two Hills Ltd: Rob England, CEO)

You can see that Real ITSM has devolved authority across a number of sovereign roles to ensure a balance of powers.

From the book Introduction to Real ITSM (see www.realitsm.com)

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