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test yourself on Real ITSM

Do you think you are a Real ITSM Expert? Try yourself with these questions

1) On page 49 of Introduction to Real ITSM what is the first word on line 10 (counting page headers as lines as well)
a) the
b) and
c) This
d) By

2) Which of the following is not the opposite of not being unresponding to a user’s failure to call the Service Desk?
a) not calling the user
b) not failing to call the user
c) not calling not the user
d) not the opposite of not calling someone other than the user

7) For which audience are multi-choice questions best suited?
a) kindergarten
b) primary school
c) trade apprentices
d) gossip magazine sex questionnaires

9) How many Service Desk staff does it take to change a light-bulb?
a) None. Restoration of service is a Level 1 Support function
b) None. It is a hardware problem – call the vendor
c) None. It requires a Change to change
d) None. They haven’t been on the training course

You can find the answers at http://www.realitsm.com/answers
For more Real ITSM questions see the book Introduction to Real ITSM.

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