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The book Introduction to Real ITSM is now translated into Russian

The official Introduction to Real ITSM is now available translated into Russian. No we aren't being funny - we couldn't have made this one up. Cleverics, one of Russia's leading IT management consultancies, has translated the book for the convenience and enjoyment of their Russian clients, associates and friends. We are in possession of a printed copy of the book - it is Real. http://www.realitsm.com/real-itsm-now-available-russian

So please tell all your Russian-speaking friends and associates to check this out http://www.cleverics.ru/ru/subject-field/real-itsm

Real ITSM Service Design

Greetings Real ITSM Practitioner!

Here is a little newsletter from CultITSM to let you know that membership of the Real ITSM Group on LinkedIn just passed 300! Not bad for a group that once tried to get to 100 members. Our next goal is of course to exceed the itSMF International group membership of 1369. We've already exceeded 20% of that without being pimped by major vendors or having our logo and address on every ITIL book. Not bad eh?

Here is another extract from the Introduction to Real ITSM for your enjoyment:

Real ITSM product compliance

Oh dear, DogmaITSM may have to amend the book Introduction to Real ITSM. Most of you will recall that the book says

    1.8.5 FavorITSM

    In order to regulate the Real ITSM industry, and thereby protect the integrity of RITSI and public confidence in Real ITSM, RITSI issues compliance certification to users, products, and services under the FavorITSM program.

The basic deathcycle of Real ITSM

Greetings registered Real ITSM Practitioner (Official)

For this edition of CultITSM we thought it was time to revisit Real ITSM's fundamentals, the deathcycle of Real ITSM:

Real ITSM services go through a deathcycle from misconception to a usually messy end. Navigating the ITSM Deathcycle can be thought of as akin to navigating the Great Barrier Reef. The intent of Real ITSM is to minimise the number of services that actually go live, while maximising the time and education of staff along the way.

CultITSM news from Real ITSM

Greetings Real ITSM Practitioners (Official)

PragmaITSM (RITSI's training arm) is working on turning Real ITSM into a learning instrument.

Purpose: we think it fits best at the very introductory level. Introduce people to the concepts of ITSM.
Format: a 1-3 hour workshop. A full day would stretch the content too much ???
Method: via the "null hypothesis" (thanks Mike Walter, still attributing you! Once more and then it is mine :D ) i.e. contrasting two sides: realitsm and ITIL, worst and best.

Real ITSM offers free books, not-so-free t-shirts, deep discounts and a thriving LinkedIn group

Hi there and welcome once again to the CultITSM newsletter from Real ITSM

First an offer: We will send a free copy of the IT Skeptic's new book Owning ITIL (RRP US$34.95!) to the first three people who write a review of Introduction to Real ITSM - good or bad - on Amazon. Obviously we need to be able to match up your name on Amazon with your userid here or you can email us to claim it.

100 Linkedin members and a weekly extract

Hi there and welcome once again to the CultITSM newsletter from Real ITSM

A CultITSM presentation on realitsm

Dear members,

Obviously as believers in realitsm, it is up to us to evangelise the philosophy to our colleagues and peers. With this in mind, CultITSM has created a presentation, A Harmonious IT Environment. [You Poms can call it "An Harmonious...". Most of the rest of the planet will use "A ..." ]

This presentation introduces Real ITSM, as documented in the book "Introduction to Real ITSM" (see www.realitsm.com)

Real IT reality

Greetings registered Real ITSM practitioner

It occurs to the executive of the RITSI that the principles of Real Practice and the philosophy of realitsm are as applicable to the whole of the IT community as they are to us in ITSM.

CultITSM, Volume 1 Number 1, September 2008

Greetings and welcome to the first edition of CultITSM, the newsletter of the Real IT Service Institute, the careful custodians of Real ITSM.

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