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It occured to the executive of the RITSI that the principles of Real Practice and the philosophy of realitsm are as applicable to the whole of the IT community as they are to us in ITSM. [Updated: fixed now so logged on users can actually edit the wiki - sorry about that :( ]
We at RITSI feel that we have a duty to share the insights of realitsm with the broader IT community. Our affection for our colleagues in other branches of IT has led us to establish a wiki where all realitsm practitioners are welcome to record ideas and insights in wiki syntax for the broader Real IT community and its Real Practices. We especially welcome ideas on what the other Real practices might be. A good approach is to start with the generally accepted framework in that area and consider what the Real variant might look like, and what its terminology would be.
(Note: who knows? This just might lead to another book like Introduction to Real ITSM. If it does, there is a good chance your contributions may show up there. We will do our best to acknowledge all contributions. So please ensure that anything you contribute is original and your own work, i.e. you have copyright, and you agree your copyright is waived by contributing).


I'm thinking...

Given the amount of FUD around these topics right now...

Real Green IT
Real Cloud

have a go

...would be great fun!!! have a go! see what u come up with. release the inner humorist :)

By the way, i note you are unregistered. We can't have that. DogmaITSM will allow no creativity from unregistered professionals. why, the next step is anarchy!! Sign up before i set the DespoITSM group onto you. You do NOT want to meet Lou and Stan...

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