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CultITSM news from Real ITSM

Greetings Real ITSM Practitioners (Official)

PragmaITSM (RITSI's training arm) is working on turning Real ITSM into a learning instrument.

Purpose: we think it fits best at the very introductory level. Introduce people to the concepts of ITSM.
Format: a 1-3 hour workshop. A full day would stretch the content too much ???
Method: via the "null hypothesis" (thanks Mike Walter, still attributing you! Once more and then it is mine :D ) i.e. contrasting two sides: realitsm and ITIL, worst and best.
Materials: readings from the book, roleplays of Real ITSM roles, flip cards with Real ITSM on one side and discussion questions on the other...

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, advice, or abuse please?
Contact pragmaitsm x at x realitsm.com


The presentation "A Harmonious IT Environment Through Real ITSM" is now available with speaker notes for you to use to enlighten your friends and colleagues, courtesy of CultITSM.

Contact cultitsm x at x realitsm.com to get access to this using Google Docs (downloadable as .ppt or .pdf)


We really apologise for the inconvenience to international buyers of Introduction to Real ITSM. We have two options for publishing: CreateSpace or Lulu. neither is perfect (see here if you really want to know). We concentrated on CreateSpace but it is letting us down on international availability. We've just today confirmed that CreateSpace isn't going to get any better so now we are trying to restore the Lulu channels.

If buying off Amazon.com is not for you, please look at buying direct from Lulu (I make double the money when you buy direct so I don't mind).

Some folk don't like registering with yet another website (you can't please...) so if you insist on Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.de or whatever, please wait - I'm working on it. But guess how much attention pipsqueak little authors like me get.

Yes I know, should have gone with Van Haren :)

Thanks for all your support
Rob England
Chief RIP(OFF)

A quote from Introduction to Real ITSM. Enjoy and forward to your friends and colleagues:

In the design stages, value of a service is predicted on two parameters: Futility and Variability.

2.5.1 Futility
The more futile a user requirement is, the more resources can be expended and the more staff occupied without any likelihood of the service actually having to be delivered. So long as nobody is foolish enough to point out this Futility in the early stages of a service’s deathcycle, the ultimate failure of the implementation can be blamed squarely on unrealistic user expectations. The business may suspect but they will never be able to pin anything.

2.5.2 Variability
The higher the Variability of the possible deliverables based on the user requirements the more freedom IT has to deliver what suits instead of what is required, or alternatively to take the service development into an ultimately futile direction (see Futility, previous page).

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