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CultITSM news from Real ITSM

Greetings Real ITSM Practitioners (Official)

PragmaITSM (RITSI's training arm) is working on turning Real ITSM into a learning instrument.

Purpose: we think it fits best at the very introductory level. Introduce people to the concepts of ITSM.
Format: a 1-3 hour workshop. A full day would stretch the content too much ???
Method: via the "null hypothesis" (thanks Mike Walter, still attributing you! Once more and then it is mine :D ) i.e. contrasting two sides: realitsm and ITIL, worst and best.


It occured to the executive of the RITSI that the principles of Real Practice and the philosophy of realitsm are as applicable to the whole of the IT community as they are to us in ITSM. [Updated: fixed now so logged on users can actually edit the wiki - sorry about that :( ]

Real ITSM on e-book

Comments are welcome on how to make Introduction to Real ITSM available as an e-book. Where would you like to buy it from that provides IPR protection and a readable format for a print book?

We tried uploading onto Amazon Kindle. The graphics were destroyed, the book formatting went awry, all footnotes were lost, and the pages are tiny - it takes about 20 page turns to get through the copyright, contents and other introductory stuff in the book. It is incapable of printing the book title text on top of the background graphic. Tried pdf. .html and .doc

Reader reviews?

If you have read the book Introduction to Real ITSM, I'd really appreciate a review on Amazon please.

Of course you can also leave your thoughts on this blog but let's get the word out to the world :)

A CultITSM presentation on realitsm

Dear members,

Obviously as believers in realitsm, it is up to us to evangelise the philosophy to our colleagues and peers. With this in mind, CultITSM has created a presentation, A Harmonious IT Environment. [You Poms can call it "An Harmonious...". Most of the rest of the planet will use "A ..." ]

This presentation introduces Real ITSM, as documented in the book "Introduction to Real ITSM" (see www.realitsm.com)

La reseña española sobre Introduction to Real ITSM

My friend Antonio Valle Salas has written a review of the book in Spanish on his excellent blog. Spanish speakers will enjoy in their own language. Others can see a translation here. In summary (transgarblated by Google):

Recession special

Looking for something as a present for an ITSM geek? Tough isn't it? How about a copy of Introduction to Real ITSM, the IT Skeptic's reportedly funny spoof on the whole ITSM world? To help you weather the recession, the price of the book is reduced to $19

RATS means self-assessment

This is cool! Assess your organisation (or client) against Real ITSM, just like in the book. And it is free. Not many things are for free in Real ITSM!

Here is an example.

The tool produces a Reckoning. The Real ITSM metric it produces is RATS: The Real Assessment Total Self-assessed. As the book says: "if auditors or management ask about the status of Real ITSM in your organisation, you can give a RATS".

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